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new year, do you


ayyyee happy new year! this year i’m focusing on doing more of the things i love. eating at good restaurants, making good food at home, challenging my body with new workouts, challenging my mind with good books, leaning into relationships with my family, friends, riders and my partner. so far it feels really good! i have not watched tidying up with marie kondo but my partner did move in with me so naturally i’ve been forced to throw a lot of my shit away. i like “does this spark joy?” as a rule of thumb but some things i hold on to because they bring back memories…memories that aren’t necessarily joyful. do you keep things that remind you of your pain and your progress? what are some of the things you’re doing this year to make you feel good and aid in your healing? write them down and say peace out to the past but remind yourself how far you’ve come xoxo P


tights by onzie, spirit jersey at soulcycle studios, shoes by nike

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major mara hoffman sale

#dawning in bahia, brazil 

#dawning in bahia, brazil 

who doesn't love a good sale?! i was lucky enough to get this mara hoffman one piece as a christmas present and now it's on sale! where my #discountdivas at? it fits suuuper well (i'm wearing a medium and could've gone for a small) and the quality is superb. there are a bunch of cute suits on sale on her site! definitely check them out because these pieces are timeless and she knows how to fit a woman's body so well. use the code SALEONSALE to get an additional 20% off! yaaas! thank you mara! 

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#paulaposse merch

jacket by aviator nation, pants  outdoor voices

jacket by aviator nation, pants outdoor voices

what's up #paulaposse?! i'm excited to announce i have another batch of #paulaposse long sleeve tees! these are custom screen printed tees with paula posse on the front and a silly summer photo on the back. the inspiration is from the saint pablo tour tees with kim in her suit on the back playing tennis (sooo good). sizing is unisex! if you want one slide through my dms on instagram @pauladawn i would love to see you rocking one!

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dance with the rain

finally, some rain in california! we've had weeks and weeks of perfect 50-60 degree clear skies and i'm into the shift. perhaps it's because i was born and raised in bellevue (20 minutes east of seattle) that i enjoy the vibe of a gray sky accompanied with comfort food and coffee (or chai). lots of people wait for the storm to pass but i've learned how to dance with the rain. it poses a challenge but you got to get your rain gear and go! there is life to be lived. right now i'm rocking jeffery campbell's cloudy chelsea rain boot and i'm in love. there's a 1 1/2" heel and a 1" platform so you feel a little more upright and ready to tackle anything. don't let a little rain get in your way.. slay! happy new year 

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wo man up

crossing my fingers that SoulCycle makes some more of these beauties! let's woman up (and eat pressed freeze)! 

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soul + brunch

i've been doing this combo for years and trust me, it's the best way to start your day! every sunday i have two classes in the castro. 8:30A and 10:45A. often times i talk about brunch during class so i've been getting a few requests for recommendations. here's are some spots i like that are close to the studio!

something quick:

project juice - a block away from the studio on castro st. my go to is the green bowl "protein" style with almond butter on top. if you are gluten free they have amazing gf bread for their avocado and banana almond butter toasts. 

réveille coffee co. - two words: avocado toast. walk towards 18th take a left and it's on your left hand side. amazing coffee! cool vibe. 

sit down brunch:

fable - on castro a block from the studio! awesome food like acme sweet baguette french toast or steak & eggs benedict. amazing back patio space (seriously dreamy). takes reservations.

lark - a block away on 18th. bottomless mimosas for $13. brunch with a mediterranean twist (hello poached eggs with lamb souvlaki). takes reservations. 

starbelly - on 16th (a few blocks away). on the menu: chicken and waffles, chilaquiles, chorizo and egg pizza, challah french toast, and my fav sunnyside joe's (prather ranch ground beef, cheddar, onions & spinach, potatoes). takes reservations. 

reserve your bike and reserve your brunch! also, don't forget to eat something small before class (apple, banana, some oats, etc.). hope to see you sunday! 

sweatshirt available in select stores and online


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seldom seen x bleached goods

i tend to do most of my shopping online these days. it's easy. it's fun to get packages delivered to my door and i can typically return the product without too much hassle. however, there's something about the in-store experience - feeling the textures, listening to music, meeting people that work at the store and are passionate about the product. there's also an aspect of discovery. online, i typically go with brands i know. and my wardrobe is getting pretty predictable. i like that i've simplified things but i've been missing the "ohhh i love this new brand" feeling. finding a new brand is kind of like finding a new song. it feels more special when less people know about it. but eventually you want to share it! so with that, let me introduce seldom seen

seldom seen is a boutique in hayes valley. you can find it right across the street from loving cup on octavia street. tons of people come to hayes valley to shop and might miss this incredible store because they stay on hayes street. don't be like them. go to seldom seen! 

everytime i go in they have new stuff! they are constantly restocking with the latest and greatest. the clothes are hip, high quality, and perfect for the laid back lifestyle. in the shop i've found well known brands that are hard to come by in san francisco, like maison kitsuné and earnest sewn. i've also been introduced to new, up and coming brands like svenskco, a SF local candle maker (omg they smell so good) and bleached goods, concert tour style street wear highlighting high end fashion houses. here are some photos i did with seldom seen to capture this awesome brand. 

make sure you stroll through the store and check these items out! there's a sale going on through sunday. plus, it's awesome to support our local shops! thank you seldom seen for existing and making me look cool again :) 

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feelin' tropical

don't sleep on this tropical sports bra! still available here but not for long! wearing a small when i'm usually a medium :) 

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back from the burn

i'm back from burning man and feeling swaggy af! because gratitude! i have an amazing life and i'm so grateful to live it up and be surrounded by such awesome people! there's not much else to report... 

i played an amazing back to back set with cameron drake at the barechested baristas camp! that was a highlight and i will post our set soon! also, i was finally able to catch a tycho sunrise set (they haven't posted it yet on soundcloud but here's one from last year). to me sunrise is the best time out there and this year i was able to be up for 4! it's worth the sleep debt or the hauling yourself out of bed because... dawn! 

and finally i'm taking my dj skills to the dark room! that's right! this friday i am mixing and teaching my soulcycle class at the same damn time! this will be the first time i'm doing this and the first time an instructor has dj-ed their own class in the bay area! there are a few bikes left so i suggest you grab one here

so happy i can wear dope leggings (thank you whitney alix you are a true inspiration) and sequins in the default world! the man burns in 359 days. until then slay honey, slay! :)

also wearing illesteva sunnies and old nike blazers

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coffee please

sweat pants. hair tied. chillin with no make-up on... pretty much my uniform! with that said i still try to stay (relatively) cute in my cozys. these sweatpants are sooo comfy and embody my morning character "paula before 10". she's not fully there and could use a little extra boost!



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