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rainy day listens

after a few weeks listening, yup, im still obsessed with a seat at the table. nope, i'm not going to compare her to her sister. but yup, solange slays just like her sister. this album is seriously so good. it's melodic, beautiful, and insightful. i like how she's isn't shying away from interludes. instead of interrupting the music they serve to compliment the music and provoke deep thought. she's using the personal to address the political. tina taught me blends into don't touch my hair soo seamlessly and a song title that is seemingly aggressive becomes soulful and celebratory. "but this hair is mine!" she exclaims. and it is prideful as it should be. and sampha is featured which is everything (my black james blake). check out the video here 

other favorites include cranes in the sky, junie, and don't wish me well. 

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another great album to bump while cozying up indoors is tycho's epoch. we all knew this album was going to be good but damn, this is so good! it starts off a little more upbeat than his previous work and really gets you going. perfect for the morning commute or afternoon stretch session. it's an album that you listen to beginning to end. all the songs are amazing but if i were to pick a favorite i think it would be source. i can't wait to see this show live! playing at the independent tonight and sunday at treasure island music festival (warming up the bridge stage for james blake). hope to see you there in your rain boots :) 

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in rotation

it's time to share some albums i've been bumping! it's always good to put a few more in rotation. if you haven't been listening here are some recent favorites 

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after a highly anticipated wait frank ocean has done it again. i love this album because it takes you on a journey. he captures a mood and tells a story. it speaks to our basic human emotions, feeling sad, alone, self-absorbed, etc. while also keeping things mellow yet enlightening. i do like nostalgia/ultra and channel orange more, however, this album is definitely a nice progression. and it gets better with every listen! nights is my favorite track. similar to pyramid, it starts off as a solid song but then it changes tempo into this super rad amazing track. if you've been to my soulcycle class recently i love stretching to pink + white and seigfried. i also play this awesome remix of white ferrari that you need to check out right now! it makes me feel like im in the movie drive :) 

i feel like people have been sleeping on the zhu album! zhu maintains his chill sexy vibes and it's just perfect. i find it super easy to listen to from start to finish though the stronger tracks are mostly near the beginning. it's the perfect album to end the night with while sipping a nice glass of wine. the standout track for me is good life. the lyrics are powerful and the groove is smooth. i love how he's the cute little baby on his album art! how notorious of him ;) 

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need to clean your house or take a bath? i've got the perfect album for you. bon iver 22, a million. think kanye's lost in the world but extended. 22 #strafford apts is so great. i also love 8 (circle). all around just such a great, soulful piece of art. enjoy! 

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now this album has been out for a while but i need to mention skin by flume! as soon as i put it on it gives me festival vibes. i imagine a crowd mesmerized by cool lights and dope beats. the beginning of the album feels a little more mainstream but i like that he takes some risks later on starting with wall fuck, oh my god, the production is wild with this one and i love it. my favorite must listen to tracks are you know which goes right into take a chance with little dragon (that angelic voice) and then followed by innocence with alunageorge (great three track stretch)! overall super solid album! hopefully that gives you enough tunes to bump for now. i'll be back with more soon 

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she's a boss

nice little 3 track EP coming in from disclosure. who doesn't love songs about ladies being bosses, al green and magic?! 

listen on  spotify  or purchase on  itunes ! 

listen on spotify or purchase on itunes



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go dj

me at mighty

me at mighty

recently I've been granted the amazing opportunity of playing some tunes at some local clubs! i pride myself on taking my riders through a musical journey. playlisting is one of the best parts of the job... so mixing is a natural next step! take these mixes with you on your next workout and let me know what you think! 

my public works set can be described as "sassy house". we had a fun time dancing to it. 

at mighty i went for something more mellow... was told to keep it simple. it's a deep dark journey with some sexy vibes... enjoy! 

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on repeat...

the past couple of weeks i've been rotating through a few albums... Kaytranada's 99.9%, Chance the Rapper's Coloring Book, and The Colour in Anything (as previously mentioned). it typically depends on my mood... if I want to wind things down i'll listen to The Colour in Anything, if I need something uplifting I'll throw on Coloring Book and if I'm looking for good mid-day vibes or driving music I'll give 99.9% a spin. I love how with all these albums you don't need to skip any songs... I appreciate that the most in an album! There's nothing like an artist taking you through a journey start to finish. 

99.9% , favorites include drive me crazy, glowed up, you're the one. 

99.9%, favorites include drive me crazy, glowed up, you're the one. 

are you ready, for your blessings, are you ready, for your miracle?

  coloring book , favorites include no problem, blessings, juke jam

 coloring book, favorites include no problem, blessings, juke jam

The Colour in Anything  favorites include timeless, put that away and talk to me, i need a forrest fire

The Colour in Anything favorites include timeless, put that away and talk to me, i need a forrest fire

of course i'll still bumping the life of pablo and lemonade! what a great time for music... 

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this album is fire! and i needed a forest fire.

i hope you all have been listening to james blake's latest album, the color in anything. i was super excited to hear he was working with frank ocean and hope that collaboration continues to prosper (c'mon frank give us some music)! as a seattle native it's no surprise i love the rainy day vibes and I simply can't get enough of this song. other favorites include put that down and talk to me and timeless! check them out! 

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