rainy day listens

after a few weeks listening, yup, im still obsessed with a seat at the table. nope, i'm not going to compare her to her sister. but yup, solange slays just like her sister. this album is seriously so good. it's melodic, beautiful, and insightful. i like how she's isn't shying away from interludes. instead of interrupting the music they serve to compliment the music and provoke deep thought. she's using the personal to address the political. tina taught me blends into don't touch my hair soo seamlessly and a song title that is seemingly aggressive becomes soulful and celebratory. "but this hair is mine!" she exclaims. and it is prideful as it should be. and sampha is featured which is everything (my black james blake). check out the video here 

other favorites include cranes in the sky, junie, and don't wish me well. 

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another great album to bump while cozying up indoors is tycho's epoch. we all knew this album was going to be good but damn, this is so good! it starts off a little more upbeat than his previous work and really gets you going. perfect for the morning commute or afternoon stretch session. it's an album that you listen to beginning to end. all the songs are amazing but if i were to pick a favorite i think it would be source. i can't wait to see this show live! playing at the independent tonight and sunday at treasure island music festival (warming up the bridge stage for james blake). hope to see you there in your rain boots :) 

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Posted on October 14, 2016 and filed under beats.