back from the burn

i'm back from burning man and feeling swaggy af! because gratitude! i have an amazing life and i'm so grateful to live it up and be surrounded by such awesome people! there's not much else to report... 

i played an amazing back to back set with cameron drake at the barechested baristas camp! that was a highlight and i will post our set soon! also, i was finally able to catch a tycho sunrise set (they haven't posted it yet on soundcloud but here's one from last year). to me sunrise is the best time out there and this year i was able to be up for 4! it's worth the sleep debt or the hauling yourself out of bed because... dawn! 

and finally i'm taking my dj skills to the dark room! that's right! this friday i am mixing and teaching my soulcycle class at the same damn time! this will be the first time i'm doing this and the first time an instructor has dj-ed their own class in the bay area! there are a few bikes left so i suggest you grab one here

so happy i can wear dope leggings (thank you whitney alix you are a true inspiration) and sequins in the default world! the man burns in 359 days. until then slay honey, slay! :)

also wearing illesteva sunnies and old nike blazers

Posted on September 8, 2016 and filed under wear, live-dream.