soul + brunch

i've been doing this combo for years and trust me, it's the best way to start your day! every sunday i have two classes in the castro. 8:30A and 10:45A. often times i talk about brunch during class so i've been getting a few requests for recommendations. here's are some spots i like that are close to the studio!

something quick:

project juice - a block away from the studio on castro st. my go to is the green bowl "protein" style with almond butter on top. if you are gluten free they have amazing gf bread for their avocado and banana almond butter toasts. 

réveille coffee co. - two words: avocado toast. walk towards 18th take a left and it's on your left hand side. amazing coffee! cool vibe. 

sit down brunch:

fable - on castro a block from the studio! awesome food like acme sweet baguette french toast or steak & eggs benedict. amazing back patio space (seriously dreamy). takes reservations.

lark - a block away on 18th. bottomless mimosas for $13. brunch with a mediterranean twist (hello poached eggs with lamb souvlaki). takes reservations. 

starbelly - on 16th (a few blocks away). on the menu: chicken and waffles, chilaquiles, chorizo and egg pizza, challah french toast, and my fav sunnyside joe's (prather ranch ground beef, cheddar, onions & spinach, potatoes). takes reservations. 

reserve your bike and reserve your brunch! also, don't forget to eat something small before class (apple, banana, some oats, etc.). hope to see you sunday! 

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Posted on February 9, 2017 and filed under eats, wear.