seldom seen x bleached goods

i tend to do most of my shopping online these days. it's easy. it's fun to get packages delivered to my door and i can typically return the product without too much hassle. however, there's something about the in-store experience - feeling the textures, listening to music, meeting people that work at the store and are passionate about the product. there's also an aspect of discovery. online, i typically go with brands i know. and my wardrobe is getting pretty predictable. i like that i've simplified things but i've been missing the "ohhh i love this new brand" feeling. finding a new brand is kind of like finding a new song. it feels more special when less people know about it. but eventually you want to share it! so with that, let me introduce seldom seen

seldom seen is a boutique in hayes valley. you can find it right across the street from loving cup on octavia street. tons of people come to hayes valley to shop and might miss this incredible store because they stay on hayes street. don't be like them. go to seldom seen! 

everytime i go in they have new stuff! they are constantly restocking with the latest and greatest. the clothes are hip, high quality, and perfect for the laid back lifestyle. in the shop i've found well known brands that are hard to come by in san francisco, like maison kitsuné and earnest sewn. i've also been introduced to new, up and coming brands like svenskco, a SF local candle maker (omg they smell so good) and bleached goods, concert tour style street wear highlighting high end fashion houses. here are some photos i did with seldom seen to capture this awesome brand. 

make sure you stroll through the store and check these items out! there's a sale going on through sunday. plus, it's awesome to support our local shops! thank you seldom seen for existing and making me look cool again :) 

Posted on December 28, 2016 and filed under wear.