new year, do you


ayyyee happy new year! this year i’m focusing on doing more of the things i love. eating at good restaurants, making good food at home, challenging my body with new workouts, challenging my mind with good books, leaning into relationships with my family, friends, riders and my partner. so far it feels really good! i have not watched tidying up with marie kondo but my partner did move in with me so naturally i’ve been forced to throw a lot of my shit away. i like “does this spark joy?” as a rule of thumb but some things i hold on to because they bring back memories…memories that aren’t necessarily joyful. do you keep things that remind you of your pain and your progress? what are some of the things you’re doing this year to make you feel good and aid in your healing? write them down and say peace out to the past but remind yourself how far you’ve come xoxo P


tights by onzie, spirit jersey at soulcycle studios, shoes by nike

Posted on January 18, 2019 and filed under wear, live-dream.